Promotional Products

Basically Balsam offers thousands of promotional products that can be customized with your name or company logo on.   Promo products are no longer just pens and key chains; any product that has a logo on it is considered a promotional or marketing item.

Promotional products help keep your business/team in front of the customer, creating “top of mind” marketing so they know you are out there and ready to help them.

Promo products help you connect with your customers, employees, and new business prospects.

From a cap to a mug to a tee or a rug, lets talk.

Promotional products can be tailored to fit any industry.   Medical office- how about some custom printed bandage keepers?   Tax and accounting preparation?  You need those stress balls for your clients.   Dental office – floss, toothbrushes, and toothpicks?   Auto shop- tire gauges, micro-tool sets and emergency kits.

You name it we can find it. Have a specialty event coming? Want something unique. Let us know your theme, industry and who will be coming and we’ll help you cook something up special.

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